Tokyo Godfathers

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Type: Movie

Plot Summary: Three homeless people — Gin, a former professional bicycle racer; Hana, a transvestite; and Miyuki, a run-away young girl — live together in Shinjuku, Tokyo. On Christmas Eve, the three discover a baby girl at a garbage dump. They head for the brighter parts of the city, where people are enjoying the holiday festivities, to look for the baby's parents. While the three search for the parents, uncanny luck results in their meeting other people while their adventures with the baby continue. Will the baby lead these three protagonists to their destiny? This small adventure lets each of the trio confront their own lives, which they almost threw away, while maintaining their dignity and happiness under unfortunate circumstances.

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Released: 2003

Status: Completed

Other name: 東京ゴッドファーザーズ

Tokyo Godfathers

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